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Can we balance public safety and privacy? //22.08.20

We share our personal data numerous times every day in return for transport advice, personalised online shopping or content recommendations. But when it comes to healthcare, this seems like a trade-off people aren’t willing to make – even when public safety is at stake.

Do the same rules around data privacy apply when we’re in a national crisis?

What role does the government have when it comes to securing data that’s used for the public good?

And how can we make sure we have the right ethical frameworks in place for data use to enable us to act quickly in the public interest?

Join host Russell Gundry, head of innovation strategy at Plexal, and guests Dr Marie O’Neill, director of ESIT at Queen’s University Belfast, and Cal Leeming, CEO and founder at Zeroguard, as they discuss the trade-off between public safety and privacy.

Listen now: