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How to apply

Applications for cohort two are open, and this time we’re focusing on user-centric security and securing supply chains


We’ve consulted with industry leaders to learn about the cyber solutions they need most, and then used what they told us to define the challenges for our second cohort: user-centric security and securing supply chains.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now accepting applications for our next programme, which will help scale cyber solutions and get them market-ready. You can view the questions here first, or go straight to the application page.



September: Online application opens on 18 September.

October: UK-wide outreach to cyber and digital innovation hubs and clusters.

November: The application deadline is 5pm on Friday, 2 November. Applications will be screened, reviewed and scored.  Finalists will be selected and invited to panel interviews.

December: Panel interviews will take place on 4 and 5 December. Successful applicants will be informed by 11 December.

January: Cohort two members will be introduced to partners and friends at a kick-off event. Our cohort two programme will begin on Tuesday 8 January 2019.




User-centric security 

Cybersecurity often fails to account for the human element, when in fact people are often the last line of defence and the main focus of many attempts at a breach. The widespread view of the human as weakest link is outdated, and it’s increasingly important to develop new technologies and solutions that treat, test, and train employees to become cybersecurity assets.

How can we:

  • use employee awareness and behaviour (across widely varying organisational functions) more effectively as a common layer of cyber defence?
  • improve user interface design (for workplace applications, as an example) to encourage transparent and secure decision-making?
  • achieve a shift in perception (e.g. through technology or other means) so that employees are viewed as a cybersecurity asset, as opposed to the weakest link?


Securing supply chains

As supply chains become more global and complex, we must develop new technologies and processes to manage the flows of data and make the cyber risk management of supply chains more effective, scalable, and sustainable.

How can we:

  • increase the levels of assurance among supply chain partners (including cloud providers) that are often dispersed and disparate?
  • customise cyber risk management for sector-specific supply chain requirements, standards, and frameworks?
  • adapt governance, risk and compliance processes to address the wide range of current and emerging cybersecurity threats faced by global supply chains?




We want to support cyber innovators in developing solutions that industry has told us it needs most. If you’re interested in applying, you should be able to demonstrate that:

  • your solution clearly addresses one of our named industry challenges
  • your solution is innovative, and is different from others in the market
  • you are at a later stage of maturity (for example, you have your first customers and are generating revenue or approaching larger funding rounds)
  • you have a sound business model
  • your team is well placed to scale, and they know where support is needed
  • you are coachable and suited to what the programme has to offer




Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • The maturity of the organisation (i.e. organisations that are generating revenue and are considering – or have started – scaling)
  • The potential impact of the solution to address one of our named industry challenges
  • How innovative the proposed solution is relative to other existing services or products
  • The strength of the business model and its revenue-generating potential
  • The capacity of the team to grow and scale the solution
  • The fit of the programme, given applicant’s growth, needs and ambitions




You can apply via the online application form at any time up until the application close date at 5pm on Friday, 2 November. Applications will then be shortlisted by commercial, cyber and innovation experts.

A shortlisting engagement day will enable candidates to meet the LORCA team and have a conversation about what you would want to get from the programme. The programme will start around one month after chosen cohort members have been notified that they’ve been successful.




Yes, but all organisations will need to be UK-registered companies and dedicated to growing their presence here to be eligible.

If you’ve got any more questions, learn more on our FAQ page or contact us on