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Our innovators

LORCA is the UK’s dedicated space for industry-led cybersecurity innovation

Our cohort programmes are open to the best companies in the UK who have promising solutions to the most critical cyber security challenges industry faces.

From AI to behavioural science, our members are coming at it from all angles, using the latest technology and taking a cross-disciplinary, collaborative approach to cybersecurity.

LORCA will be the home for these innovators for each six-month programme, giving them the tools, support and connections they need to scale in the UK and beyond.

Working with later stage innovators, we select each cohort member and design the programme around their unique needs, whether it’s finding the right partner, securing investment, gaining technical support or getting their products to new markets.  All this support is designed to help our cohort members scale at pace so their products achieve greatest impact where they are needed most.

Meet our cohort

Our third cohort