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LORCA sales workshop: A Practitioner’s Guide to Effective Selling

LORCA’s hosting a series of sales development workshops to support startups in accelerating their growth and success. These sessions will focus on business development, pipeline generation, setting up great sales cultures and delivering consistently. Eliott Stead, sales director for RevJet, willView post

5 things LORCA will do to promote greater diversity in cybersecurity

Author: Lydia Ragoonanan, director, LORCA The data on diversity has finally caught up with the obvious: that having a diversity in backgrounds, perspectives, skills and ideas gives you a competitive advantage. McKinsey’s latest research shows that companies with more genderView post

LORCA’s cohort two challenges: why we picked user-centric security and securing supply chains

Author: Lydia Ragoonanan, director, LORCA    Here at LORCA we’ve just launched an open call for our second cohort. We asked our Innovation Forum (made up of cross-industry representatives) to help us shape the focus of cohort two by asking themView post

The role of herd immunity in cybersecurity

Author: Dr. Wendy Ng, cyber security professional, Deloitte   Improved hygiene and large-scale vaccination programmes have been shown to be effective in preventing the transmission of infections. As well as giving direct protection to the immunised, vaccination programmes also protectView post

Most security awareness training gets filed away and forgotten. Here’s what we think works.

ThinkCyber is part of the first LORCA cohort. Its RedFlags™ security awareness software applies behavioural and learning science to “nudge” users towards secure behavioural change. Here, director Tim Ward makes the case for empowering your people with better training. PeopleView post

Data can save lives, but we must protect it

–  Author: Lydia Ragoonanan, director, LORCA  We’re on the cusp of a digital health revolution that could see healthcare providers make better use of data to intervene earlier, provide more personalised treatment and, ultimately, reduce the cost of running our healthcare system.View post

Highlights from the LORCA launch

LORCA has officially arrived! The London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement was launched at Plexal on Tuesday at an event featuring our director Lydia Ragoonanan, CSIT director Dr Godfrey Gaston and Stephen Wray, director at Deloitte. We also revealed ourView post

SMEs vulnerable to cyber-attacks

Research commissioned by LORCA reveals today that a lack of preparation is leaving small and medium enterprises (SMEs) vulnerable to damaging cyber attacks, as the threat of cyber attacks to businesses increases. The prevalence of cyber attacks is affecting businessesView post

Introducing the London Office for Rapid Cyber Security Advancement:

London Cyber Innovation Centre opens and welcomes first cohort of innovative UK-based cybersecurity businesses    Digital Secretary Matt Hancock officially opens government-funded London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) today  Comes as independent new figures show almost a quarter ofView post