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Hosted by Plexal, this workshop bought together one of the largest outsourcing providers to government, a technology consultancy with strong […] Read more

Gregory Herman, system engineer at AWS, host a workshop for LORCA Live on how startups can use the company’s Authority […] Read more

Simeon Quarrie, founder and CEO of VIVIDA, hosted a virtual workshop on the power of storytelling in cybersecurity for LORCA […] Read more

Kudelski Security’s Scott Carlson hosted a conversation with Riccardo Riccobene and Jason Lau, CISOs at Deutsche Bank and, about […] Read more

The C5 Cyber Alliance (which LORCA is proud to be a member of) was created to take a collective approach […] Read more

Tim Rains, regional leader for security and compliance business acceleration at Amazon Web Services, shares the most common ways organisations […] Read more

Dave Rowley, commercial director for cyber at Plexal, interviews the Splunk and Accuhealth teams to explore how they have worked […] Read more

New York has emerged as a cybersecurity hub as the city’s core economy is driven by the finance, technology, real […] Read more

SOSA, LORCA’s partner, is a global open innovation company with locations in some of the world’s leading cybersecurity hubs, including […] Read more

Queen’s University Belfast created the UK’s Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) to help companies commercialise emerging cybersecurity technologies. David Crozier, […] Read more

In the UK, the government’s National Cyber Security Strategy has spurred the growth of the sector. Investment has soared and […] Read more