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International spotlight: Cheltenham //07.09.20

In the UK, the government’s National Cyber Security Strategy has spurred the growth of the sector. Investment has soared and more and more cyber companies are born each week.

Cyber hubs are also flourishing across the UK outside of the capital – with Cheltenham emerging as a nucleus for innovation and private-public sector collaboration.

Cheltenham is home to GCHQ, which is recognised as the cradle of cyber innovation in the UK, and the government has also committed £23m to help Cheltenham develop a cyber park next to GCHQ.

Bringing the town’s cyber ecosystem together is CyNam: a platform that enables networking, innovation and collaboration for its 900+ members. Here, CyNam’s Reid Derby, ecosystem lead, Bruce Gregory, director, and Madeline Howard, director of cyber, report on what makes Cheltenham such an important regional hub for the sector.

Innovator view: Surevine

LORCA graduate Surevine was founded in Cheltenham and typically bases itself out of both London and Cheltenham. Here, Surevine’s founder and CEO Stuart Murdoch reports on what makes Cheltenham such a magnet for cyber innovators.