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LORCA Needs Accelerator: COVID-19’s impact on security priorities //11.06.20

COVID-19 has affected all industries and exposed cybersecurity gaps that already existed, making them even more problematic.

Social distancing measures have meant that the majority of employees are working from home where possible. Some organisations have had to scale or adapt their services to changes in demand, while others have experienced major disruptions in their supply chains.

These shifts have highlighted the need for businesses to increase the adaptability and resilience of their current operating models.
And this is not likely to be a temporary blip.

In the post-pandemic landscape, more employees will routinely work from home, organisations will accelerate their plans to migrate to the cloud and businesses will try to make their supply chains more resilient.

So to understand the impact this will have on security professionals, LORCA convened a group of cyber industry leaders, policymakers and innovators.

To learn more about the insights we uncovered, download our report.