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Dell Technologies case study: understanding demand and supply trends in real time //09.10.20

Dell Technologies keeps organisations secure and enables them to embrace digital transformation.

It uses its LORCA partnership to be on the forefront of cyber innovation – to understand the new technologies that are in development, how technology is being applied (especially by enterprises) and what private organisations need now and in the future.

LORCA, through our forums, events and direct introductions to partners in our ecosystem, facilitates an open dialogue about highly sensitive security information in a controlled, trusted environment. This provides Dell Technologies with first-hand insights it can’t find elsewhere.

By taking part in these conversations, Dell Technologies has been able to understand where the gaps in the market are. It hears from companies like Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft and Kudelski Security about the demand side for cybersecurity. Meanwhile, they’re able to understand emerging supply side trends by connecting with our innovators.

This has been particularly invaluable as macro events such as COVID-19 have rapidly accelerated existing trends and shifted security priorities for industry. Through our roundtable discussion on COVID-19, for example, Dell Technologies gained insights into evolving market needs in real time, helping the company stay agile and adaptive.

Engaging with cyber startups

It’s also important for Dell Technologies that it sits at the heart of cyber innovation, so it also uses its LORCA partnership to engage directly with innovators that may eventually become a channel partner or potential acquisition.

As well as offering its technology solutions to cyber startups, Dell Technologies mentors these startups and provides advice on everything from software integrations, product development and deep technical advice to business or channel strategy.

LORCA makes direct introductions to specific startups for Dell Technologies in cases when there’s an opportunity for the startup to benefit from Dell Technologies’ family of solutions or its innovation team’s advice. We screen these companies and, based on Dell Technologies’ objectives and the startup’s profile, present the Dell Technologies team with our recommendations on who they should be engaging with.

Most recently, LORCA has been working with the Dell Technologies Capital team, providing them with introductions to cyber startups that they may wish to invest in. In a crowded cybersecurity market that’s hard to navigate, this helps Dell Technologies cut through the noise.