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Dell Technologies renews its LORCA partnership to connect with cyber innovators //25.02.21

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We’re thrilled that Dell Technologies has renewed its enterprise membership with LORCA.

The partnership will enable Dell Technologies connect with cyber innovators from LORCA’s network and participate in our industry forums and roundtables, which bring together cyber innovators, security leaders, academic experts and policymakers to explore the cybersecurity challenges faced by industry and identify the opportunity gaps for innovation.

Dell Technologies will also support cyber startups through mentoring and workshops, with LORCA acting as the conduit.

We caught up with the team to learn more about how they plan to engage with our cyber innovation ecosystem.

Why does Dell Technologies work with LORCA, and what do you hope to achieve with our partnership?

Cybersecurity solutions are a core part of the Dell Technologies portfolio. Intrinsic security is built in to how we support our customers – we leverage leading technology to evolve business models and advance technology operations.

By partnering with LORCA, Dell Technologies supports the development of promising cyber startups to drive innovation and make the internet safer for everyone.  We share the same objective as LORCA: leverage our cybersecurity capabilities to help organisations identify, detect, protect from, respond to and recover from cyber threat incidents. We also aim to upskill teams to build their own cyber resilience and capabilities.

The technology developed by LORCA startups helps to iterate and evolve Dell Technologies’ cybersecurity offerings in the market to better serve customers and promote new ways of securing data and digital environments. We’re always interested in engaging partners and industry leaders to share updates on the latest innovations and to seek feedback on how the cyber landscape is changing.

We also believe that the networking opportunity to engage with partners and industry players is as important as working with early-stage startups.

Can you tell us more about your technology and innovation priorities?

We’re focused on intrinsic security and ensuring that Security by Design is integrated into all our technology. We see significant changes occurring when it comes to how organisations are advancing their security posture and protecting their data, either in the cloud or on premise.

We’re keen to share insights into how we work closely with small, medium and large businesses to build trust and resilience. Our solutions are advancing rapidly as the cyber landscape is continuously changing. We value the LORCA partnership as an opportunity to share and source market insights that will help Dell Technologies engage with innovative cyber startups and help build greater cyber resilience for our customers.

Lastly, we will continue to develop and promote cyber skills and diversity in cyber, connecting LORCA members to Dell’s Women Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) to help promote the growth of female founders.

What role will your partner brands play?

We’re delighted to announce that Dell Technologies, VMware and Nvidia will all play an important part in the LORCA partnership for 2021. Both VMware and Nvidia are long-standing partners and play a critical role in supporting Dell Technologies to advance key offerings relating to AI and cloud security. We will leverage senior leaders from across Dell Technologies, including VMware and Nvidia, as part of this partnership and they will get involved in key events throughout the year. There are exciting times ahead!

How do you engage with cyber startups?

If you have a business that’s aligned to one of the key cybersecurity focus areas, then please reach out to us. We’ve been a partner of LORCA since 2018, and support cyber startups by coaching, delivering focused technical workshops and supporting seminars on key cyber-related topics ranging from advanced threat intelligence, data protection and encryption to cloud security, micro segmentation, networking and endpoint security. We share advanced technology strategies and connect LORCA startups with senior Dell Technologies leaders for mentorship.