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How LORCA members ObjectTech and Distributed Management Systems are working together

While industry is hungry for new and innovative solutions to boost their defences, it’s also important that cybersecurity companies find ways to team up, augment their products with other solutions and exploit synergies. So we’re very excited to reveal that two of our cohort members have done exactly that.

ObjectTech, innovators in identity and privacy, will be working with Distributed Management Systems, which has a remote access identity assurance product (CASQUE SNR). The made-in-LORCA partnership enables ObjectTech to access its identity systems remotely while maintaining security at levels certified by the UK government to a Secret Classification.

Commenting on the partnership, Stephen Holmes, CTO and head of security systems at ObjectTech, said: “Without our networking and conversations at LORCA, we would not have come across Distributed Management Solutions. Using their product strengthens our own solution, and this partnership proves that we’re using the best available cybersecurity standards”

LORCA director Lydia Ragoonanan is equally excited: “Convening innovators and creating the conditions for collaboration to help ensure we have better, scalable cyber solutions is one of LORCA’s goals. So it’s fantastic to see this type of cooperation between Distributed Management Systems and ObjectTech; partnerships like this will bring mutual benefit and cause great things to happen. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for their relationship.”

Here’s to many more matches just like this…