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Kudelski Security case study: navigating the UK cyber market //07.10.20

Kudelski Security provides intelligent, tailored cybersecurity solutions to global enterprises and public sector institutions – including Zoom and UBS (a multinational investment bank). The company joined LORCA as it was building up its presence in the UK market. The company wanted to make connections, raise its profile and identify partnership opportunities.

The UK’s cyber sector has expanded rapidly since the government launched its National Cyber Security Strategy and can be hard to navigate for new entrants. LORCA has acted as a landing pad for Kudelski Security, making introductions to potential business or technology partners from across the ecosystem. We act as a fast track to the most innovative and relevant cyber solutions on the market, and provide the Kudelski Security team with entirely impartial advice (we take zero equity from members).

Scouting the market, understanding trends

Kudelski Security works with large organisations to solve their security challenges and so it is always scouting for emerging cyber services or products that could be integrated into its existing portfolio. With this goal in mind, LORCA helps the team connect with cyber startups on a regular basis.

Kudelski Security shapes the cyber challenges that inform the selection criteria of our accelerator programmes, giving the team a deep understanding of both what the market needs and what the product gaps are.

LORCA also facilitates meetings with cutting-edge cyber startups. Kudelski Security’s delivery uses these sessions to understand emerging technology trends, familiarise itself with the UK market and potentially spot an opportunity to partner with a cyber startup to provide a joint solution to a client’s security challenge.

Its research team, meanwhile, uses LORCA’s innovation community as a springboard to explore new research avenues. Most recently, Kudelski Security has strengthened its relationship with LORCA members MIRACL (an expert on multi-factor authentication) and CyberOwl (which specialises in cyber in a maritime context). This provides the research team with on-call expertise when it comes to an unfamiliar vertical or an area of deep technical innovation.