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LORCA partners with Kudelski Security to support cyber innovators //05.12.19

LORCA partners with Kudelski Security to support cyber innovators

We’re excited to announce today that LORCA has partnered with Kudelski Security, an innovative and independent provider of comprehensive, tailored cybersecurity solutions to global enterprises and public sector institutions. The collaboration will allow the scaling businesses we support to benefit from the experience of a large corporate cybersecurity entity that has a rich history in building secure technology solutions and bringing them to market.

As part of the partnership, Kudelski Security will assist LORCA members with product development, encryption and setting up product proof-of-concepts to ensure their solutions meet the market’s needs.

Kudelski Security will also contribute to our Innovation Forums and Needs Accelerators, which help shape our challenge areas and the type of cyber companies we recruit, as well as enabling industry to share insights and collaborate.

The partnership represents Kudelski Security’s first engagement with an accelerator programme and will enable the company to collaborate with LORCA’s global cyber ecosystem, which encompasses government, academia, corporates and scaleups.

The company joins fellow LORCA corporate partners Lloyds Banking Group, Dell Technologies and the Global Cyber Alliance.

Saj Huq, LORCA’S programme director, said: “Working with Kudelski Security is a huge opportunity for the scaleups going through our programme. As a business with vast experience and a heritage of innovation, it’s the perfect corporate partner to support LORCA’s growing cybersecurity businesses. Collaboration and partner-led innovation are critical components in making the UK the safest place to be online.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Howard, CEO at Kudelski Security, added: “Building UK cyber resilience requires collaboration among a diverse ecosystem of partners to share skills and expertise. What we contribute is an encryption pedigree that has transformed security into a powerful business enabler for enterprises and startups. We are excited to be working with LORCA and the Plexal innovation team to help bring intelligent cybersecurity solutions to market.”