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LORCA’s partnered with InfoSec People to help our innovators source top talent //15.07.20

Our members tell us that sourcing highly skilled talent and attracting people with a diverse range of skills is one of their top challenges as they scale their businesses. So we’re delighted to announce that LORCA has partnered with InfoSec People, a specialist cybersecurity and tech recruitment company, to help our members attract and retain the best talent in the sector.

InfoSec People has built the teams at some of the UK’s most exciting cyber and tech scaleups for over a decade. Its clients include LORCA graduates CyberOwl and Surevine as well as Ripjar, Senseon, Bitweave, Tanium, Borwell, Deep3, (which was acquired by CACI) and TrustNetworks (which was acquired by Lyft).

The company will provide members with a series of virtual and physical sessions and drop-in clinics over the next few months and advise them on recruitment topics such as how to:

  • effectively leverage existing networks to hire directly
  • hire quickly and with clarity
  • craft a company people really want to work for in a competitive talent marketplace

InfoSec will also make introductions to the chief information security officers, chief information officers and buying teams in its enterprise client network for members of LORCA’s accelerator who have relevant and innovative solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, Chris Dunning-Walton, InfoSec People’s managing director, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be formally supporting Saj and the team at LORCA and cohort five, working with company owners and directors who require mentoring and support in how to effectively attract and retain the best talent in the sector. The team at InfoSec genuinely love working with owner-led scaleups who really understand the value of the people in their business and that the right hire can lead to rapid transformational growth.

“The recruitment industry has typically struggled to effectively support cyber startups. The focus on transactional, large-scale recruitment solutions with mid-to-large enterprise clients can be difficult to translate into the SME space. As a growing SME ourselves, we have direct experience of scaleup challenges and have worked hard to create flexible, scalable solutions for all our clients which add value beyond headcount growth.”

Meanwhile, Saj Huq, LORCA’s director, said:

“Sourcing top talent is one of the biggest challenges cyber innovators are facing, so we’re delighted to be partnering with InfoSec People to help our members find the best talent as they scale their businesses.

“We do also need to address the talent pipeline challenge by inspiring more young people to develop their tech skills and helping them see a career for themselves in cybersecurity. Making sure we have a healthy flow of diverse talent with deep technical ability, business acumen and creativity is essential if we’re going to produce globally renowned cyber scaleups and unicorns in the future.”